• Xsens MVN Analyze is a Full-body human measurement system based on inertial sensors, biomechanical models, and sensor fusion algorithms. It is convenient to use, has a short setup time and provides instant & realtime validated data output.
  • MVN is a completely portable system; it is not restricted to a studio or lab. It can be used anywhere: outside, in the office, and on the work floor. There are no limitations in measurement volume (except the wireless range).

BMS Lab has this measurement system available, but does not provide technical support on it. 

Examples of fields of use:

  • Biomechanics, sport, rehabilitation, ergonomics and human-machine interaction.
  • 3D Animation.
  • Virtual reality, training & simulation.

Quick setup

Step 1: Software Setup
Note: Do not connect your MVN System (either Access Point or Awinda Master) until software installation is complete (software installation includes installation of relevant drivers which will be finalized when the hardware is connected).
MVN Studio is already installed on our PC.

Step 2a: Hardware Setup (MVN Link)
• Connect the Access Point to the computer using the network cable optionally with the Ethernet-to-USB adapter.
With the MVN Link system, the suit or straps are shipped with most motion trackers in place. Put on the suit or straps, connect the head, hands and feet trackers, and place the Body Pack on the right and the Battery on the left of the back.
• Connect the two tracker cables to the Body Pack.
• Press the button on the Body Pack once to power on the device, a pulsing fading LED, solid LED, beep and finally blinking LED indicate the startup process.

Step 2b: Hardware setup (MVN Awinda)
• Connect the Awinda Station to the PC. When hardware has been connected to the PC, a message will appear that new hardware is found and drivers are being installed.
• Power on all the trackers by pressing each button.
• Put on the straps, place the trackers into the correct locations, as shown on the front page. The label on the side of the tracker
indicates the position of the body.

Step 3: MVN Studio
• Run MVN Studio.
• Create a new session (>File >New Recording Session). For first time use simply accept the default settings.
Wait until the hardware is found, indicated by the status icon changing from red to green.
• Once the status is green, click ‘Close’ to continue or ‘Apply’ to apply changes made.
Note: A detailed view of the Hardware Status can be seen by clicking on the expand arrow (top right corner), the Hardware Status will be opened on the right.
When the configure session dialog is closed a 3D character appears in the 3D view indicating that a connection has been made.
• In the Setup pane on the left, Insert body dimensions. Click Apply.
• Perform an N-pose calibration by following the on-screen instructions. Click Apply.
It is now possible to make a recording!
Note: The calibration may need to be repeated in a magnetically sound environment;
• Walk around until the colored balls on the body are all green.
• Perform an N-pose calibration again by following the on-screen instructions.

Detailed information can be found in the ‘MVN User Manual’: documentation.xsens.com/MVN-User-Manual-4