Managing participants

Quick guide:

Subscribing participants

Step 1.

On the study home page you can find the preview url for the researcher to preview and test an intervention.
You can also find the url for participation on the study home page. After the participants clicks on the link they are immediately taken to your intervention.  

The study details page shows when your study starts and when it will end.  

If your study includes feedback, make sure you have selected ‘use feedback site for reporting results’ and indicate when you want to send out the feedback report to the participants. That is, how soon after they filled in the Career Compass should they receive an email with a link to their feedback.

Mailing Participants

Step 1.

The email tab will allow you to draft template emails for your participants. These emails are used to send a link to the participants where they can view their personalised feedback.

On the emails page you can give your email a subject, and you can indicate the text that shows up before the feedback link in the box called email intro text and the text after the feedback link in the box called email outro text.  

The email is sent by the BMSLab email account, yet the participant will see it as if the e-mail had been sent by the researcher who created the study. This will allow the participant to reply to the researcher.

Participants Page

Step 1.

On the participants page you can see the participants that took part in your study. Participants are indicated by the email address they completed in the intervention. If they did not complete an email address they will be indicated as ‘anonymous user’. 

If you have multiple interventions this page shows you which intervention the participant participated in. This only works if the participant completed the same email address in every intervention. These participants will also receive the same ID number in every intervention within a study. The ID number can be found in the metrics and data section).  

Note that the participant’s email address will not appear in the metrics/downloaded data and is replaced with an anonymous id number. Participants are thus anonymous to the researcher.