Managing participants

Quick guide:

  1. Subscription Page
  2. Email Page
  3. Participant Page

Subscription page

Step 1. Editing Subscription Page

  1. On the left menu, click on the tab named “Subscription”
  2. Click the “General” page
  3. Edit the subscription title page (visible to the participants)
  4. Edit the start and end subscription phase
  5. In the Enrollment codes box, you can copy the voucher code or download the QR code image
  6. Share one of these enrollment codes with prospective participants of your study

Note 1: Always preview your study before sharing it with your participants (in the Study Home tab).

Note 2: Participants can unsubscribe from your study through the TIIM app.

  1. Click “Pages” to create informative pages such as such as ethical information or additional instructions
  2. Click on the “create the first page” button
  3. Fill in the details
  4. To make a thank you note tick the box next to the “Thank you”
  5. Click on the “save” button
  6. Click on the + sign on the right corner of your screen

Note: Informative pages will be automatically shown to the participant after they have subscribed to your study.

  1. Click the “Questions” page to create initial screening questions to obtain initial information from your participants which you can use to assign them to the appropriate intervention.
  2. Select the type of questions you would like to include
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Click on the “save” button

Note: For more information about the item types see the creating items page

Email page

Step 2. Creating a study start and/or rejection email for participants

  1. On the left menu, click on the tab named “E-mails”

Note: The emails page will allow you to draft two different template emails for your either (1) when the study starts or (2) if they are rejected from the study.

  1. Fill in the study start and/or rejected e-mail.

Note: The study start e-mail will be sent to your participant once you have assigned them to an intervention. While the rejection e-mail will be sent immediately after your participant has been rejected to take part in your study.

  1. Click on the “save” button

Note: The email is sent by the BMSLab email account, yet the participant will see it as if the e-mail had been sent by the researcher who created the study. This will allow the participant to reply to the researcher.

Participant Page

Step 3. Checking participant’s details, and assigning/rejecting participant

  1. On the left menu, click on the tab named “Participants”

Note: The participant’s page displays a list of participants who are subscribed and unsubscribed to your study.

Warning: Participants can only unsubscribe from the study after you have assigned them to an intervention.

  1. Click on an individual participant
  1. On the Participant Details page, you can select no action, assign the participant to a particular Intervention or reject the prospective participant. 

Note: If assigned to an intervention, you can let the participant start when the intervention starts or on custom date and time.

  1. On the Screening page, you can see the participant’s answer to the screening questions when they were subscribing to your study.
  2. On the Send Notification page, you can send specific push notifications to your participant’s smartphone. The push notification can work as a reminder, and to actively call for action to your participant. 

Note 1: The participant needs to have the TIIM application installed on their smartphone, logged in on their account, and the push notifications enabled in the TIIM application settings.

Note 2: If the participant wants their data to be deleted, you can provide the participant with the user ID and let them contact the BMS Lab dashboard support or you contact the BMS Lab dashboard support directly.