Metrics and export data

Quick guide

Metrics and Exporting Data

Step 1. Preview metrics

1. In your study on the left menu, click on the tab called “Metrics”
Note: Your data metrics will consist of the responses and information your participants provide during their answering of your modules.
2. To filter your participants by intervention and/or module, select the Intervention and/or module dropdown fields
3. To see the length of time it took each participant to answer, tick the box next to “Show Timings”
Note: The time will be shown in seconds on the right of the item.  

Step 2. Exporting data

1. After viewing your metrics, click on “download” at the upper right side of the screen
2. Download the intervention and/or module
2a. Click on “download” next to the intervention
3b1. Select the module
3b2. Click on “download” next to the module

Importing Data in Excel

1. Open Excel
2. In the upper row, click on “data”
3. On the left, click on “Get & Transform Data”
4. Select from text/CVS
5. Choose your file
6. Click on “import”
7. Select “delimited” as a comma in order to import the data in Excel within divided columns
8. Click on “load” and your data will appear in a new Excel workbook

Importing Data in SPSS

1. Open SPSS
2. Go to file
3. Select “Open” in the dropdown menu
4. Select “Data” in the dropdown submenu
Note: This will open a new window.
5. Select and open your data
Note: Make sure your files type is set to CVS.
6. “Text Import Wizard” opens
6a. In the first step, you don’t change any of the settings and click on the “Next” button
6b. In the second step, set the variables arranged to “Delimited”, set the question “Are variable names included at the top of your file” to “Yes”, and click on the “Next” button
6c. In the third step, set “the first cases of data begins on which line number” to “2” and click on the “Next” button
6d. In the fourth step, set the delimiter to a comma and click on the “Next” button
6e. In the fifth and sixth step, you don’t change any of the settings
6f. After the sixth step, click on the “Finish” button
7. Your data will appear in a new SPSS worksheet