Data management and policies

Your data is your responsibility and taking good care is an absolute requirement for any research. When performing research that uses the BMS lab equipment, expertise or facilities, you are subject to applicable international and Dutch law and the policies and conditions created by both the University of Twente and the BMS lab. To aid you in understanding your responsibilities and the available tools, you should familiarize yourself with the content on this page.

For an overview of the BMS Lab’s policies, pre-requisites, terms and conditions (not just concerning data), please go to this page.

Storage and care of data

In 2015 the UT published the Research data policy UT. This document sets out minimum criteria for the management and storage of data. Since the way in which research data is handled varies from one academic discipline to another, it is up to each faculty to supplement the university’s policies by setting up their own faculty data policy. These policies specify how scientists within the faculty are required to handle research data. Moreover, researchers must write a Data Management Plan (DMP) in which they specify how they handle their data (read more). Because of national and international laws, regulations and funder requirements, data management soon becomes very important for research department and researchers.

Additional frameworks for the proper handling of data

The advisory report (link) formulated by the DSW Committee (Deans of social sciences faculties) concerning academic integrity, data storage and reproducibility (dated 06/01/2016). This advisory report is based on an appraisal of the data protocols used by the Social Science faculties