1. The project should be in line with the vision and broad scope of the Tech4People BMSlab: It should be related to social sciences and the use of technology to further study human behavior.
    • Contribution to our Tech4People identity;
    • Innovativeness, creativity, pioneering;
    • Involves a suiting multidisciplinary consortium;
    • Is likely to have an impact on society;
    • Is realistic, feasible, and scientifically rigorous
  2. You have to apply for ethical approval if data of participant is stored on BMSLab services longer then 1 week.
  3. You are responsible for anonymizing your data.
  4. A valid OFI number has to be present in case funding is available.
  5. The BMSLab can only accept inquiries if it fits with the BMSLab staff current expertise.
  6. The BMSLab can only accept apps or other platforms which are in development if a (technical) coordinator from the client is assigned.