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Note: New registration system

The BMS Lab has a new project registration system. The procedure still consists of three phases, namely 1). checking requirements, 2). writing a project request and 3). reserving the equipment, facilities and software you need. Step 2 will however take place in a new system.

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Step 1.: Ensure that you meet all the requirements

Are you part of the BMS faculty?
Do you have ethical approval?
Does your project meet the requirements?

The new registration system

The new system is intended to help users navigate the registration process faster and to allow easier interaction with the BMS Lab. It contains a few steps:

  1. Login to the system. You login using your UT student or employee account or register as an external relationship.
  2. Navigate the dashboard. You will then see a dashboard that offers you the capability to register a project or create a note (question) about a project. If you’ve visited before, then you’ll see projects and note previously created.
  3. Complete your profile. You can do this by clicking the icon in the top right and entering your affiliation. Please choose your BMS Department or “Other”. In the latter case, you type your affiliation by hand.
  4. Create a registration. Click on “Create new project” to start registering your project. You can save your registration as a draft before you complete and submit it. Fill in all the fields and save the completed form as draft in order to submit it afterwards (the submit button will appear).
    1. Have a question while registering your project? Then click the “Create note” button. Don’t forget to save your draft registration beforehand.
  5. Start reserving. You can reserve the equipment, software or facilities you need by clicking the “Go to reservations” button on the dashboard. You can only do this after your project has been approved and you’ve received a project number.
  6. Wait for it to be processed. Your project will be evaluated on Monday or Thursday and and you will receive a confirmation once it’s been approved or it needs changes to be approved.