June 26, 2020 The BMS lab

Research with human participants becomes possible again

Recent developments in the Dutch COVID-19 outbreak has led to a loosening of measures intended to combat the spread of the virus. At the University of Twente this too has had effect. The BMS lab, together with the Techmed Centre and faculties ET and ITC, have developed a method to again start conducting research with human participants. That is, under strict conditions.

The recent COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) outbreak and resulting pandemic has had a big impact on the Dutch society and the world at large. Social distancing often literatlly meant distancing oneself from one another. It was necessary to combat the spread of the virus, but this distance also made many things impossible. Including many of the scientific research projects conducted at the University of Twente and the BMS lab. Over the past few weeks restrictions for both the Dutch society and the University of Twente have slowly been lifted and people can again be freer and closer to one another. Today, one of the last major restrictions in scientific research has been lifted. Research using participants is possible again under strict conditions and with great caution.

Together with the Techmed Centre and the faculties of ET and ITC, the BMS lab designed and wrote a procedure that would allow researchers to conduct studies using human participants. The conditions can be found on the corona measures page of the BMS lab, but include a review of the studies’ urgency and the necessity of human participants and a special form to be used to request permission to start the study. Researchers will need to take a number of precautions to ensure that both they and the participants run as little risk as possible of being exposed to the virus.