May 24, 2021 BMS lab

Results of Pilot Large Scale COVID-19 Testing

The Dutch Government conducted four pilot large scale COVID-19 tests in which the BMS Lab participated. Their aim was to uncover how the risk-oriented large scale testing can contribute to fighting COVID-19. Additionally, they wanted to investigate the willingness for testing, isolation, and quarantine on a large scale. Meanwhile, they were gaining more insights into the virus and learning more about the implementation of such large scale testing requirements.

Main findings

The pilot large-scale COVID-19 tests uncovered numerous general findings. Firstly, such large scale tests provide a better view into areas of outbreaks and /or high incidence. Secondly, large scale testing seems to be a useful additional tool where there is an outbreak, increased infection and increased risk signals or factors, for which more investigation is needed. Moreover, the large-scale testings are a flexible tool, and thus, their interpretation depends on the problem, goal and context. Lastly, the accessibility of the tests increases the willingness to test.

For more information on the topic, please refer to the Dutch government website.