Quick guide:

Routing can be done within the module in which based on the answer, the participants skip questions or is directed to a specific module.

Note: Routing within a module is only possible if you have 3 questions or more.

Step 1. Enable routing

  1. On the left menu, click on the tab called “modules”
  2. Open your module
  3. Go to content items
  4. Open the item type
  5. In the preview screen, click “routing” on the right side
  6. Click on the “Enable Routing” button

Step 2. Add routing

  1. Select to which item the participant would jump to if the participant gives x answer within the item.
    Note: the options are “is equal to”, “is not equal to”, “is more than”, “is less than”, “is more than or equal to”, or “is less than or equal to”.
  2. Click on the “add route” button

For routing between modules check out the time rules interventions: