Digital questionnaires

Questionnaires have been used in the domain of health studies since its inception. Within the area of health promotion they form a solid and well developed methodology. They can be straightforward and directly asks for the input wished for or carefully inquire after constructs that form a larger concept. Questionnaires have evolved and the University of Twente has one of the most advanced software out there available for researchers and students alike.

Questionnaires from Qualtrics

The piece of software most students and staff members will be familiar with is Qualtrics. This highly customizable and reliable software suite offers many possibilities within the field of digital questionnaires, ranging from quizzing, to advanced randomization (of questions and stimuli), graphical scales and inhouse analysis. Students and staff members of the University of Twente can make use of the University’s license by following this guide provided by the BMS faculty.

The TIIM app

An alternative to survey software is our very own TIIM app. It however is far more advanced in a few key aspects. TIIM is meant as both a delivery system for interventions and the questionnaires or observation system itself. One could for example monitor long term usage of a newly designed piece of equipment by sending specific guides or tips at specific intervals and asking follow-up questions at similar intervals. This is where TIIM excels and where the advanced options surrounding group and intervention creation come in very handy. Read more about TIIM or visit us to learn more.

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