Experience Sampling Method

Experience Sampling Method or ESM, is a methodology within the area of longitudinal studies that focuses on repeated and often long-term measurements. It allows researchers to get a full and in-depth view experiences ranging from disabilities, to health issues and psychological ailments. The most commonly used technology at the BMS lab for ESM is a simple smartphone. Thanks for handy apps and a well developed platform, many studies become possible.

The TIIM app

An alternative to survey software is our very own TIIM app. It however is far more advanced in a few key aspects. TIIM is meant as both a delivery system for interventions and the questionnaires or observation system itself. One could for example monitor long term usage of a newly designed piece of equipment by sending specific guides or tips at specific intervals and asking follow-up questions at similar intervals. This is where TIIM excels and where the advanced options surrounding group and intervention creation come in very handy. Read more about TIIM or visit us to learn more.

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