Interview studies

Studying organizations presents its very own challenges, ranging from ambiguous structures and positions, to a culture of silence and mistrust. One key methodology within the domain of organisational research and the qualitative research area is the use of interviews. When done right, they can present an honest, quantifiable and reliable view of an organization. At the BMS lab we have everything you need to start your interviews and analyse them reliably. Whether you need transcription, coding or recording, we have both the equipment and software you need.

Recording equipment and smartphones

The right recording equipment can make a big impact on your ability to analyze studies. Whether you use television studio like mobile field recording kits, static microphones, camera systems, the analysis or even simple smartphones can be of great use. Luckily the BMS lab has licenses for transcription software Amberscript and its very own Sociometry app. For a reliable analysis a good recording is essential. The assortment of recording equipment at the BMS lab features many items, ranging from the handy Zoom H4N microphones, to full field recording sets. Video recording is also possible thanks to the full sized (television like) cameras, a variety of Go Pros and smartphones.

Amberscript transcription service

Amberscript is an integral part of speech and text analysis in the BMS lab. It allows for the creation of accurate transcripts of multiple people speaking in a wide range of languages. The transcripts do need a correction run, but can feature as excellent input for text analysis in the study of group dynamics. Learn how to sign-up and use Amberscript from our info hub. We do recommend combining the use of Amberscript with high quality recording equipment like the ones described above, as it will lead to a crisper and more easily to transcribe audio file.

Codifying your content

Whether you are analyzing large texts, media databases or interviews, codifying your content is key in the analysis process. Manual methods are usually too labour intensive when it comes to scientific studies and the large amounts of content associated with it. At the BMS lab we therefore use the Atlas TI package for that purpose. With it you can codify, organize, analyze and visualize your process and eventual findings. The package allows for the use of all kinds of sources for your qualitative research and essential in content rich studies.