Online intervention

The internet has opened up a large part of the world’s population to incredible amounts of information, while allowing content itself to be consumed by a way more diverse audience. It has also offered scientists a great method of deploying interventions. Online interventions are a key methodology within the area of health studies. Software ranging from simple smartphone apps to fully equipped software suits have been developed for this express purpose. The smartphone, with its many recording and displaying options and high mobility plays a central role in this research.

The TIIM app

An alternative to survey software is our very own TIIM app. It however is far more advanced in a few key aspects. TIIM is meant as both a delivery system for interventions and the questionnaires or observation system itself. One could for example monitor long term usage of a newly designed piece of equipment by sending specific guides or tips at specific intervals and asking follow-up questions at similar intervals. This is where TIIM excels and where the advanced options surrounding group and intervention creation come in very handy. Read more about TIIM or visit us to learn more.

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