Pilot evaluation studies

In the domain of participatory research pilots form an important tool for researchers. Their evaluation can be complex due to the many facets of pilot studies. At the BMS lab we offer both options for simulations and equipment for recording the pilot studies. This allows the researcher to do an extensive content analysis of the recordings.

Recording equipment and smartphones

The right recording equipment can make a big impact on your ability to analyze studies. Whether you use television studio like mobile field recording kits, static microphones, camera systems, the analysis or even simple smartphones can be of great use. Luckily the BMS lab has licenses for transcription software Amberscript and its very own Sociometry app. For a reliable analysis a good recording is essential. The assortment of recording equipment at the BMS lab features many items, ranging from the handy Zoom H4N microphones, to full field recording sets. Video recording is also possible thanks to the full sized (television like) cameras, a variety of Go Pros and smartphones.