Quantitative assessment

Within the Human Machine Interaction domain is specific area of study focused on Ergonomics and their evaluation. The advent of cheaper consumer electronic brought innovative new means to their doorstep as well. Within the BMS lab the use of eye-tracking has become popular in this context, as it allows the researcher to see that aspects of a design, product or room draw attention, get ignored or confuse the participant.


The BMS lab has several forms of eye-tracking available. They do as the name suggests and track eye movement, gaze and stare. This means researchers can accurately follow reading and viewing patterns and answer questions related to visual stimuli. Both a version of the Tobii eye-tracker exists that can be easily attached to any screen (combine this with a screen capture device) or one that can be worn as a set of glasses. The latter allows for a wider use and even without the need of a screen, but is as a result more complex to analyze.