Sociometric analysis

The analysis of interpersonal communication is a key part in the quantitative analysis in the domain of organisational research. It can help nail down group dynamics and group roles. The BMS lab is equipped to analyze both group interactions and person to person interactions thanks to its very own apps. The sciometry app is aimed at group interactions, like meetings, interviews and focus groups and has been successfully used in research repeatedly.

A screenshot of the app showing the main menu

Sociometry app

Within the field of group interactions is a big interest in the underlying group dynamics. For example, who speaks the most, at what tone and how is the dynamic of the conversation? The Sociometry app (available on Android & IOS) developed by the BMS lab aids researchers in answering such questions. It allows for the recording of a conversation through a simple smartphone and enables analysis on wide array of aspects, such as the dominance of speakers, their tempo and tone. It gives key insights in group makeup and conversational progress and provides the ability to transcribe conversations.