Setting up a session

Setting up informative pages and modules

Quick guide:

The informative pages are the text the participants will see before filling in your study. Think of welcome pages, ethical disclosure statements or special instructions for your participants. You can add informative pages to the beginning of a session and modules at the end of a session.

Step 1.

Open your study and go to the informative pages. To create a new page, click on the “+” button on the right. You can give your page a title. This is the title you will see when you go to informative pages, and fill the page with content.

Next, click on “Save page”.

Note: After creating the first page, you can click on the round “+” button on the right to add more pages.

Setting up a session

Step 1.

Go to the sessions page, and open your session. Here, you can find two drop-down fields.  Click on “Select an informative page”, find your page and select it. 

You can add a module in the same way: click on “Select a module”, find your module and select it.  

Click on “Save session”.

Note: You can only add one informative page and one module to your session. 

Informative pages show up before the recording, modules after closing the recording.