The BMS Lab provides some equipment to aid you in your studies if you study at the BMS faculty. Think of equipment E-ink tablets or kits to record and stream classes or presentations. On this page you can request a reservation for the equipment needed for the period you need. Please ensure that you acquire a valid “Project Number” from your study’s association (e.g. Communique, STRESS, Dimensie or SIRIUS).

1. Select your lending period

Select the period in which you would like to use the equipment or facilities. Please note that pick-ups and returns can only occur between 9:00 and 16:00 hours on Mondays and Fridays (only on Mondays in July and August) and that in all cases the maximum lending period is 90 days.

When is an item available?

Before finalizing your reservation request, the system will check whether the item is available at the given date. If you want to know when an item becomes available again, then please use the item availability calendar. You can open this calendar by clicking on the link “Check availability” once you open an individual item.

2. Select the equipment you need

You can choose to reserve equipment, facilities (rooms) or both. Do so by clicking on the shopping cart icon.

3. Proceed to check-out and finish your selection

Once all the equipment and facilities you need are in your shopping cart, you can continue by pressing the Checkout button. The system will check whether the items are available before proceeding to the checkout page. Are one or more of the items unavailable? Use the calendar to check when their reservation ends. Please ensure that you acquire a valid “Project Number” from your study’s association (e.g. Communique, STRESS, Dimensie or SIRIUS) and that you fill this in during the reservation process.

Additional rules for lending equipment during studies:

By lending from the BMS Lab you agree to the terms and conditions that apply to any lending from the BMS Lab found in the document called “Supplement 2“. In addition to those rules, we have some rules specifically for students lending equipment.

  1. Every student of the BMS faculty can rent the equipment.
  2. Both products can be reserved for 90 days at most, with an option to extend it for one more quarter provided sufficient availability.
  3. Only after receiving a confirmation email can a student pick up the equipment.
  4. The pickup is only possible on Mondays and Fridays, except for the months of July and August. Then it’s possible to pick up reservations on Mondays.
  5. Students will need to present their student card upon pickup.
  6. Students are required to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions (Supplement 2) related to the loan of goods from the BMS Lab. 
  7. Students are required to read the provided manuals while setting up the devices.
  8. Students need to set up a personal free account for the reMarkable tablets and sign out upon return.


Please note that finalizing this process does not automatically grant you a reservation. We review each submission and send a (second) email confirmation if the reservation is final. This process can take up to 5 working days.