Starting a study

Quick guide:

The Sociometry app allows for the recording of a conversation through a smartphone and enables analysis on a wide array of aspects, such as the dominance of speakers, their tempo and tone. It gives key insights in group makeup and conversational progress and provides the ability to transcribe conversations. 

Start a study

Step 1.

Log in to the BMS dashboard. Click on “Start a study” to begin with Sociometry. Select Sociometry survey, and then create new study.

Input a title and description. All information on the title page can be changed later on.

The start date is the time that the study is open for use. The end date is when the study will end and participants will not be able to access the sessions. Keep in mind, once the study closes, it is not possible to re-open.

Finally, click on “Create Study”.

Step 2.

Next, create a “Session”. The session is where the recording is controlled. Go to the sessions page on the left. This will open a new page. On the right, you can fill in a title and description.

Scroll down and click on “Save”.

Step 3.

As soon as you have saved the session, the title gets a code. The participant should fill in this code in the app. Once they have done that, they show up in the next screen – “Status”. You can see the participants anonymously, or you can choose to change the names of this.

On the status page you can also start the recording, stop the recording, check if all audio files have been uploaded and finish the session. 

As soon as you have finished the session, the files show up on the next page “Files”. After finishing a session, the code is no longer valid.  

Recording on phone

Step 1.

Sociometry also gives the option to start and record a session on your phone. This limits the amount of speakers to two. First, download the Sociometry app to your phone. It should have the logo as seen on the right.

Step 2.

Create a new session, and click the “Start from phone” option. Click on “Save”. You can see a phone icon appear in your session. Again, Sociometry automatically creates a code.

Step 3.

Open the Sociometry app. Use the code in the app. There you will find a green button “Start recording”. You can also stop the recording in the app.

To finish the session, go to the Sociometry website and open your session. Go to “Status”, finish the session and find the recorded audio files.