BMS Lab tours

Take a Digital Tour of the BMS lab

Digitals Tours have become available from the BMS lab starting November first 2020. Personnel of the University of Twente or organizations working with them can request a tour (remains unchanged). Tours can vary in length between 30 and 90 minutes. Moreover, tours can be used as an introduction to the lab and the work at the BMS faculty or as an educational tool. Both a ‘live’ version and pre-recorded version are available. Physical tours of the lab may be possible depending on the COVID-19 measures that are in place at any moment (in November 2020 currently not possible).

One of the key tasks of the BMS lab is about educating and demonstrating the capabilities of the lab, our faculty and science. Colleagues from the BMS lab regularly hold lectures and talks for students and professionals. The talks range in subject from methodological instructions to working with specific software. The lab has been offering tours for some years as well. To professionals, teachers, researchers and academic personnel that work with the lab or wish to work with the lab. It allows for a good insight in the possibilities and quick introduction of the lab, culture and history. There has long been an ambition to host tours virtually. After all, not everyone might be able to be physically present and lab spaces are regularly occupied for research. The currently ongoing COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the fulfilling of this ambition.

As of the 1st of November 2020 the BMS lab offers digital tours of its facilities, equipment and software. University of Twente employees or organizations working with employees can request a tour. Moreover, tours should serve a goal in line with the mission and scope of the lab. These conditions are not new. The lab offers two versions of the tour. Firstly, the team can create a tour and sent it as a video. Pre-recorded modules are rearranged and slightly altered to form a tour that is fit for the intended audience. Secondly, the team can schedule or participate in a live event. Presenters from the BMS lab moderate and lead a digital “live” tour of the lab. This version allows for interaction with the audience and on the spot customization. The team can customize both the content and duration (30-90 minutes) the tour to meet audience interests.

Are you interested taking a Digital Tour of the BMS lab? That is now possible. Simply contact the lab to find out more. Please note that we need at least 2 working weeks time to prepare for any event.