Experivan with research team out on the market

Testing user experience with the Experivan

The mobile lab of the BMS lab – dubbed the Experivan – enables researchers to bring their studies to their targeted audiences. Whether they are interested in studying the elderly, the less mobile or perhaps even prison inmates, the Experivan enables and eases the process. Last month PhD. candidate Simon Langener was one of the first to use the van in a major study by putting it out on the Van Heekplein in the city center of Enschede.

Simon and his colleagues are testing and developing an online health platform called OneHealth Hub ( https://onehealthhub.nl ). With the website they aim to spread information and awareness about so called zonoosis. These are diseases that can spread between animals and humans and infect them. Another key point is to enable cooperation between professionals from the human and veterinarian (animal) health fields and patients on the subject of zonoosis. In the process of the website development, they conducted a User experience test amongst the average Dutch public, which was made possible thanks to the Experivan.

In the past month they used the Mobile lab to bring a User Experience study to the people of Enschede. On the van Heekplein, in the Enschede city center, they stood for weeks gathering participants. Once inside the back of the van, participants were given an eye-tracker and were asked to complete some tasks. These tasks are typical for User experience (and Usability) testing and can range from finding a specific piece of information, to scheduling an appointment or buying a product. Questionnaires and recordings are usually used to evaluate the participant’s overall experience, while the eye-tracking allows for a very accurate analysis of the participant’s journey and experience and the identification of possible improvements or problems. The Experivan allowed for on-site analysis as wel ass a quiet and comfortabel environment for the study to proceed.

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Image of the Experivan mobile lab. Image taken by Annabel Jeuring. © Annabel Jeuring