TIIM is the BMS lab’s very own questionnaire study app. It is used in longitudinal, cohort and questionnaire studies. It allows researchers to setup a study, securely invite participants and prepare both inventions and measures that deploy based upon the participant’s actions or at predefined points in time. You can try out TIIM today by signing up your project with the BMS lab and by selecting TIIM in the process.


TIIM offers both a frontend (what the user sees) and backend (what the researcher sees) that are continuously developed. Feature wise TIIM is in a stable release and in addition to its core features offers:

  • User-friendly backend for researchers
  • Responsive and highly user-friendly frontend for participants
  • Secure data storage on the UT network
  • Intuitive data analysis and exportation
  • Speech 2 text capabilities
  • Interactive feedback based upon participant’s answers
  • Vital sign coupling

TIIM Tutorials

Here you can find the tutorials and more information on how to use TIIM.


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

TIIM Troubleshooting

Running into trouble, fill in the form to get into contact with us.

How can I use TIIM in my study?

1. Browse to https://bmslab.utwente.nl/get-started/
2. Sign-up your a new project or Reserve for an Existing one;
2.a.You need ethical approval before using TIIM;
3. Fill in the form and then continue to our “webshop” to make a Reservation:  Choose Equipment, and choose under “Use Environment” TIIM;
4. Register an account on the BMS lab dashboard. Be sure to select the option to register using your UT account. Afterwards, your account needs to be approved before you can access the TIIM app through the dashboard. The dashboard is used to edit and create studies that then become available to participants in the TIIM app.

The whole process should take no longer than 15 minutes from start to end and can be done in a single go. The BMS lab team will then discuss and approve all accounts during the first opportunity (Tuesday or Thursday).