TIIM is an IOS and Android compatible application developed by the BMS Lab. It allows researchers to (1) set up a longitudinal, cohort, and/or questionnaire study; (2) securely invite participants to answer the questions on their phone via the TIIM application, and; (3) structure the questions to deploy based on the participant’s actions or at predefined points in time. 

You can try out TIIM today by signing up your project with the BMS lab and selecting TIIM in the process.


TIIM offers a continuously developed frontend (what the user sees) and backend (what the researcher sees). In addition to TIIM’s core features it offers:

  • User-friendly backend for researchers
  • Responsive and user-friendly frontend for participants
  • Secure data storage on the UT network
  • Intuitive data analysis and exportation
  • Speech 2 text capabilities
  • Interactive feedback based upon participant’s answers
  • Vital sign coupling

TIIM Tutorials

Here you can find the tutorials and more information on how to use TIIM.


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

TIIM Troubleshooting

Running into trouble? fill in the form to get into contact with us.

How can I use TIIM in my study?

1. Go to https://bmslab.utwente.nl/get-started/   
2. Sign-up for a new project or reserve an existing one
Note: You need ethical approval before using TIIM
3. Fill in the form
4. Go to the reservation page to reserve the TIIM tool  
5. In the menu on the left side, click on “software”
6. Add “TIIM” to your cart
7. Go to https://dashboard.tech4people-apps.bms.utwente.nl
8. Using your UT account, register an account on the “BMS lab dashboard” (back-end/management of the TIIM application).
9. Wait for the BMS Lab approval. This takes place during the first opportunity (Tuesday or Thursday).