Virtual Nature at Kent State University, Ohio, USA

As a follow-up on the 2021 Intelligent Human Computer Interaction (IHCI) conference at Kent State University (KSU), Ohio, BMS LAB and KSU started a collaboration. The Blank Lab at KSU’s Design Innovation Hub, an immersive projection cave accommodating up to 80 people, was used to present the virtual nature composer tool from BMS Lab. The goal was to create a truly immersive virtual nature healing environment. The result of this work was presented at the 2022 IHCI conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

Projections of the main menu, Virtual Nature Healing Environment and Virtual Music Therapy in the Blank Lab.
Wall Projections in the Blank Lab. (left to right); Main Menu, Virtual Nature Healing Environment, Virtual Music Therapy

In the project, the Virtual Nature software was used and modified to facilitate navigation. With the Virtual healing environment, the user has the ability to design and experience the virtual environment of their choosing. In this research, we reconstructed the user interface to allow users to interact with the application through gestures, from looking around the environment to editing the space around them.