March 30, 2021 BMS lab

Virtualizer Elite 2 at the BMS Lab

The BMS Lab has upgraded the virtualizer to the next generation of Virtualizer Elite 2.

The new virtualizer provides for improvement in the convenience of the movements of the participants. It utilizes a powered Motion Platform to support walking in VR. The two features together contribute to the lesser effort needed for walking; thus, providing for a more pleasant experience and suitability for everyone. It is equip with optical tracking system. Additional benefits of the new visualizer are improved accuracy and even faster tracking. 

The Virtualizer Elite 2 allows for defining the angle of inclination and optimizing the angle accordingly to the speed of the movement. As the platform adjusts immediately, swift rotations are possible. There is also the option to adjust to backward and forward walking. Therefore, the Virtualizer provides for improved user experience, by supporting the user regardless of their physical abilities, making the experience effortless, while aiding the users to adjust the physical effort via a button. As such, it contributes to a faster learning curve. 

Due to the numerous advantages it gives for the users, The Virtualizer Elite 2 presents an opportunity for imore studies and experiments conducted when using it while providing for a more pleasant experience of the participants.

Would you like to know more about the virtualizer? You can watch our video about it here.

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