Quick guide:

Biometric data is the technical term for body measurements. Sociometry can collect data on sleep, steps and heart rate.

Collecting biometric data

Step 1.

When you create a new study, scroll down and check the box “Use biometric data collection (Google Fit & Health Kit)” box.

Or, if you already have created your study, open your study and go to the study details page. Here, you can find the “Use biometric data collection (Google Fit & Health Kit)” box and update your study.

Step 2.

Go to the modules page, create a new module or open an existing module. Scroll downwards to “Sensor configuration”. Here, you can see the three types of data that are possible to select. Depending on your research, select which data you want to collect and the time period. Click on “Save”.

Step 3.

You can now add content items in your modules. The biometric data will be collected once the module is executed. This includes the data generated by the participant while filling in the module.

Participants allowing for biometric data collection

Step 1.

Instruct the participants to allow for biometric data gathering. Once they log in with the code, click on the three horizontal stripes on the left. Go to “Settings”.

“Allow for data collection from Healthkit”.

Finally, click on “Save”.

Step 2.

The participant should also have their settings set to allow the Sociometry app to get data. Under “Settings” on their phone, the participants should go to “Apps”, and they should have biometric data allowed. This allows the Sociometry app to always gets the most recent data.