Quick guide:

Biometric data is the technical term for body measurements, in the case of TIIM it refers to sleep, steps and heart rate of participants.

Set-up Biometric Data Collection

Step 1. Enable biometric data collection

You can enable your study to collect biometric data in two different ways:

1a. When you create a new study you should scroll down to the bottom of the page
1b. Tick the box next to “Use biometric data collection (Google Fit & Health Kit)”
1c. After filling in your study details, click on the “create study” button
2a. If you already have created your study, open your study
2b. Go to the study details page
2c. Tick the box next to “Use biometric data collection (Google Fit & Health Kit)”
2d. Click the “update study” button

Step 2. Choose biometric data collection type and time

  1. On the left menu, click on “modules”
  2. Create a new module or open an existing module.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to “Sensor configuration”.
  4. Depending on your research select which data you want to collect at what period of time
  5. Click on the “save module” button.

The biometric data will be collected once the module is completed by the participant.

Instruct Biometric Data Collection to Participants

Step 3. Participant should enable biometric data collection on the TIIM application

  1. In the TIIM application settings, the participant can tick the box next to “enable biometric data collection”
  2. Then, they click on the “save” button

Step 4. Participant should allow biometric data collection on their smartphone

The participant should also change their smartphone settings to allow the TIIM app to get data.

  1. On their phone settings, participants should go to “apps”
  2. The participant should have “body sensors” allowed. This way the TIIM app will get the most recent data.