Why do doubters doubt the COVID-19 vaccination campaign? – New research at the BMS Lab

The COVID-19 vaccination campaigns are happening in the Netherlands, but also globally. However, the campaign is not without doubters. To check what the doubters doubt about the vaccines in the Netherlands, the BMS Lab conducted research at Van Heeksplein, in the heart of Enschede. By positioning the mobile lab, Experivan, at the busy location, numerous participants took part in the study. If you are interested in how the research was conducted, watch the video below.

Why do doubters doubt the COVID-19 vaccine campaign?

The participants saw 12 tweets, with various kinds of arguments in favour or against the COVID-19 vaccines. Among the messages, some were about whether to get the vaccine for themselves, others about whether to get it for family reasons, or society as a whole. The BMS Lab took interest in whether the participants checked the sources of the messages. To this end, messages from various sources were shown, while the participant’s facial expressions and eye movements were measured.

The study also garnered media attention. You can read the article about the study on Tubantia.nl.